What is a Patient Care Technician Program?

The Patient Care Technician program qualifies graduates of this program to work as independent nursing assistants by providing them with the basic skills needed to care for patients in various health care facilities, whether as outpatients or inpatients.

Who is a patient care technician?

The Patient Care Technician assists the nursing specialist in providing health care to patients, preparing tools and machines required for clinical examinations, and recording all personal and vital data of patients in manual and computerized records.

Patient Care Technician (PCT) :

The role of the patient care technician lies in dealing with the patient directly under the supervision of the nursing specialist,
and their duties include the following:

Providing support and guidance to outpatients or inpatients

Assisting the nursing specialist in carrying out health procedures

General Questions

Yes, you can apply to the programs; however, when you graduate from the program and pass the classification test from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, your previous classification will be replaced by the new classification as obtaining this classification cancels any previous ones if any.

Second level/third grade - technician category in the healthcare pay scale. 

No, transferring from one city/training center to another is not allowed.

The location of the job is only determined by the employer with which the contract will be signed when starting the program.

Yes; however, you are required to pass all the program exams and requirements and the classification test held by The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

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