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Clinical Simulation Center

Was developed as part of the Tebabah Centre's vision to create a state-of-the-art learning environment by leveraging simulation-based education and providing a high standard training environment using the latest simulation models and mannequins. With new simulation technology, the center offers new ways of teaching, learning, practice and research.

Life Support Training Center

Is part of Tebaba Centre. It offers a variety of courses for medical and non-medical professionals. The center is designed to provide trainees with basic and advanced life support experience and skills in emergency surgery and CPR to treat patients of all ages through AHA and SHA programs and courses.

Research and Development Center

Our mission is to build a world-class research facility where outstanding researchers work to develop new knowledge to improve health outcomes in our local and wider communities. We are committed to ensuring that all research at our institution is conducted in an ethical manner and in compliance with Islamic law, international regulations and institutional policies.

Undergraduate Training Program

Undergraduate training is designed to help students apply, assess, test and integrate academic knowledge and theoretical concepts in the work environment. As a result, students will gain a better understanding of themselves and their skills, goals and career interests in the work environment. Tebabah Center's undergraduate training modules encourage students to take more responsibility for their own education and life, and to develop self-reliance, personal style, values ​​and beliefs in a way that is compatible with being responsible and productive individuals.


Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development provides development opportunities for healthcare providers in different specialties to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes by providing evidence-based education, practical training, and a focus on new technologies.

SCFHS Health Academy Training Programs

The aim is to improve the quality of health care in the Kingdom by increasing the efficiency of health practitioners through several projects in the local health sector. The Tebabah Centre offers a wide range of courses offered by the SCFHS Academy of Health. The Academy of Health aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of trainees through global professional accreditation recognized by many international organizations and associations, enabling them to continuously develop and refine scientific career skills and advance the occupational and administrative health professions.

Professional Healthcare Certificate Training

The Tebabah Center partners with several local and international institutions to provide world-class training programs and certifications in various fields of healthcare and administration.
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