Tebabah Health Training Center, affiliated to CBAHI Company..

Established in 1443 in Jeddah, where the academy seeks to excel in the manufacture of quality training content and continuous medical and health professional development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, by providing training activities, courses, programs, workshops, seminars, forums, development and rehabilitation conferences.


Commitment To Excellence In The Quality Of The Outputs Of Activities, Courses And Training Programs As A Contribution From Us In Raising The Level Of Job Performance And Acquiring The Highest Skills And Experiences Using Modern Technologies And Modern Concepts Of Management In All Fields And Medical, Health, Administrative And Technical Disciplines.


Excellence In The Quality Of Content Industry Training And Continuous Professional Development To Raise The Level Of Job Performance Of Competencies And Human Resources For Health Practitioners To Exchange Experiences And Knowledge.


Excellence In The Quality Of Education And Continuing Professional Medical Training In All Medical, Health, Administrative And Technical Fields.

Why Tebabah !?


Because we have a set of the latest medical courses and programs that are designed to suit the needs and requirements of the Saudi market and the work environment such as :

1- Accreditation: The Academy is accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as obtaining the accreditation of many associations, bodies and organizations for training activities and programs in various health, medical, administrative, and technical activities.

2- Continuous Development: We race scientific and health developments in various fields to enhance knowledge, skills and experiences by designing and developing programs and training activities and continuing professional development.

3- Quality of Training Activities: High quality in line with local and international standards for medical training and continuous professional development using the latest technologies, training materials, scientific and intellectual developments.

4- Economic Activities: Matching the costs of training activities with the labor market and encouraging education and training at reasonable prices in line with the budget of the trainee and the health facility.

5- Commitment: Providing The Best and Latest Training Technologies By World-Famous And Internationally Recognized Colleges.

6- Experience: A Step Forward to Implement Changes In The Medical Industry And Present Them To Your Delegates To Ensure A Pool Of Up-To-Date Professionals.

7- Transparency: I Assure You by Following Proper Work Ethic and Being More Involved In Building Trust

8- The Cost: Providing Quality Training at Reasonable Fees With Secure And Flexible Payment Plans.

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